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Screenwriting Source - Screenwriting directory containing over 2000 screenplay agents, managers, film production companies, movie producers and more. Plus, updated screenwriting articles for new and emerging screenwriters.

Screenwriting Source - Screenwriting Directory and Screenplay Articles

The Screenwriting Source is an online directory that was developed for new and experienced screenwriters. Our screenwriting directory contains the contact information for over 2000 screenplay agents, managers, film production companies, movie producers, and more. It also includes a list of recommended screenplay contests, screenplay consultants, and free screenplays to download. The Screenwriting Source is more than just a directory, though. We also have a continually growing list of screenwriting articles for new and emerging screenwriters.

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Why did we make this directory? Simply because we are screenwriters ourselves and we wished that we had a comprehensive list of information like this when we were first getting started. Whether you are looking for a screenwriting job or trying to sell a screenplay, our screenwriting directory will put you in touch with the industry professionals you need to make your dream come true.

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What the Screenwriting Source directory includes:

• Screenwriting Agents & Managers
• Film Production Companies
• Movie Producers
• Screenplay Contests
• Screenplay Consultants
• Free Downloadable Screenplays
• Screenwriting Articles from industry professionals

• Addresses
• Phone Numbers
• Web Site URL's
• Email Addresses
• List of Credits
• Important Notes


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The Screenwriting Source was developed by screenwriters for screenwriters. We know it is difficult enough already to break into the screenwriting business. Our screenwriting directory is here to make it a little easier for you. Join Now and take advantage of our UNLIMITED USE License, which allows you to come and use our website again and again!

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